Our Capabalities



Torque wrench testers are used to calibrate & verify the accuracy of the torque wrench.At Harashal Enterprises Services is the only laboratory having calibration capacity upto 5000 Nm,which is the highest calibrating capacity in maharashtra till date.We calibrate all measuring instruments,all types of torque wrenches & torque multipliers.We provide calibration with NABL certification.



In todays competative era all industries should manage cost cutting to be on top.Many companies are'nt aware of repairing of torque wrenches & multipliers,hence instead of replacing they can be repaired.If in calibration the error is found beyond acceptable limits,the torque wrench should be repaired.We repair all types of torque wrenches & torque multipliers eg.Click type,Dial type or electronic type.If any spare is damaged it can be replaced or repaired.The repairing charges are not more than 30% cost of the instrument.We Maintain stock of all genuine spares of all types of torque wrenches & multipliers.


Engineering Jobs:-

We undertake all types of Engineering job making works.We have our independent workshop for making engineering jobs such Jigks,fixtures,etc.We possess machines for milling, drilling, turning,cutting,fabrication.etc.